XCOM 2 Finally Heading To PS4 & Xbox One In September

It's about time.


REJOICE, for one of 2016's finest Games of the Year (So Far) is finally making its way to consoles in September. The 6th is the date given for North America, with the rest of the world following on the 9th.

Set in a future where aliens have not only invaded but now set up shop on Earth, this sequel deals with the aftermath of the original's battle to stay alive, going with the idea that humans actually lost. To take the fight back to the intergalactic invaders (now leading sects of humanity who regard them as Gods, because of course they do) you'll need to customise a dedicated squad of troops, craft increasingly fancy and more revolutionary tech - incorporating alien research - and beat them one move at a time.

We've covered XCOM's genius a ton in the past, both as an underrated sci-fi gem and for the sequel, by deep-diving into all the things you didn't know you could do.


Personally I couldn't be happier. Having played the series for years, it's easily one of the most proficient and prolific real-time strategy titles on the market, and going into E3, this is one hell of an indication of the happiness to come.



Are you planning on buying XCOM on consoles, or sticking with the PC original?

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