XCOM E3 Gameplay Footage

2K Games give us a good look at the new installment in their XCOM franchise.

Today the E3 footage of XCOM was released by 2K Games. XCOM is one of the most controversial games being developed right now, because many people believe it is not a true XCOM game. There are a lot of fans who loved the XCOM franchise and believe this newest version is a straight first person shooter and has nothing to do with the more strategic past games. You can judge for yourself in this 22 minute E3 demo. http://youtu.be/nAmvP4w2ts0 For me I never played the original XCOM games so I don't have an attachment that many fans of the franchise do. I like the footage and the look and feel of the world that 2K Games is creating. However, I do understand that people who love this franchise may be frustrated and angry at the new direction that XCOM is moving towards. In addition, this game may not have much of a chance for success because of the fan backlash over the new direction 2K Games is taking XCOM; not to mention XCOM is scheduled to be released on March 6th, the same day another somewhat well known game is being released by the name of Mass Effect 3. Is this game even on your radar for next year, or are you one of the fans disappointed by the new direction they are taking XCOM?
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