XCOM Gameplay Trailer

2K's new trailer for their Sci-Fi shooter re-boot is almost upon us; check out the latest gameplay trailer here.

First a little background, for those just arriving to the XCOM arena. In 1993, vintage gaming developers Microprose and Culture Brain created UFO: Enemy Unknown, a global defence strategy game in which players fended off an alien invasion by securing, studying and deploying otherworldly technologies. The agency in charge of this global defence: XCOM. 2K Marin€™s first-person reimagining of this fan favourite title promises to firmly invade the current gen, and the hearts and minds of today€™s gamers. XCOM puts you in control of Special Agent William Carter, one of the founders of the agency, and lets you live out his baptism of fire (and black goo) during that initial invasion. Take a look at the epic trailer below. http://youtu.be/MHGvNW4fhhI Graphically, it€™s stunning, right? With its almost film-noir tone, cartoonish but detailed character design and abstract, indefinable foes, it€™s tough to place another game that looks quite like it. Despite having never played the original UFO games, this trailer piques my interest. Its unique style coupled with the promise of national decision making which directly influences combat scenarios promises to make for a fresh and exciting gaming experience. XCOM is released on 9th March in the UK (6th in US). Be sure to check back on WhatCulture! for full coverage over the coming months.

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