You Were All Wrong About Sonic: Unleashed

Because no one else has tried to make a Werehog globe-trotting adventure game.

Sonic unleashed

Sonic Unleashed was released by Sega in 2008 after two years in development, and one look at the average review score for the game, or the fact that it was pulled from retail just two years on by the company, might give off the impression that this is just another 3D Sonic game that Sega got wrong and are trying to move on from.

The company was in a murky place when Sonic Unleashed was released. Sonic 06 had gained infamy for being possibly the worst video game ever made, and Shadow the Hedgehog's guns and dark tone had cast doubts over whether there were any legs left in the franchise at all. However, not only is Unleashed one of the best 3D games the series has managed to push out over the years, but it's still one of the most unfairly judged and forgotten titles in the entire franchise.

From the best characters and relationships in the franchise, to the most jaw-dropping levels that pushed Sonic to the very limits of what was possible for gaming at the time, here's exactly why you were all wrong about Sonic Unleashed.


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