You Will NEVER Get Left 4 Dead 3 - Here's Why

Valve's hatred of threequels strikes again.

I take no pleasure in being the bearer of bad news, but it's been confirmed that there's no chance of Left 4 Dead 3 releasing anytime soon. While promoting latest game Half-Life: Alyx, Valve clarified rumours that the studio had been quietly working on a follow up, saying: "We are absolutely not working on anything Left 4 Dead-related now, and haven't for years."

Apparently, the confusion came from Valve using old Left 4 Dead levels to test their latest graphics engine, Source 2, with the team at the time flirting with the idea of doing something with the franchise for the next generation of gaming. Ultimately, the work simply ended up as rendering tests, and the team decided to move on.

After this, when Valve decided to make a full VR title, they again looked at their back catalogue of franchises so they had something to build off, initially thinking Portal would be a good fit. When that didn't work out, they returned to Half-Life and Alyx was greenlit.


With the new engine built and the team currently focused on Half-Life, Left 4 Dead fans shouldn't hold their breath for a new instalment coming anytime soon.

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