You Won't Believe What Bioshock's Main Character ACTUALLY Looks Like

"Would you kindly..." help us unsee this?!

bioshock jack

You know those questions you really don’t want an answer to? Yeah, one of those.

After gamers have spent an age wondering what the BioShock franchise’s Jack Wynand/Ryan/Tenenbaum really looked like, a creepy character model has surfaced from BioShock Infinite.

Unfortunately, this is most certainly one of those things you can’t unsee and an image that just poses more questions than answers.


While the Aran sweater may be very much of the ‘50s and ‘60s period in which so much of BioShock is set, those shoes certainly look a little out of place. And where's Jack's trusty vest? But let’s face it, the sweater, shoes, and lack of vest are completely and utterly irrelevant in comparison to whatever the hell is going on with Jack’s arms and hands!


For those with fond memories of 2007’s first BioShock game in which Jack was the hero of the day – or the Ace in the Hole, as it were – we can only apologise if those memories have now been tarnished by this monstrosity of an image.

Let’s just all get back to reminiscing about that heartbreaking and poignant ‘happy’ ending to BioShock in which Jack escapes from Rapture with a group of Little Sisters who then take care of him until his dying days.

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