You'll Never Be Able To Get 100% On This Among Us Quiz

Do you really know your stuff about this online multiplayer deduction game?


Whilst Among Us isn't exactly a new game, summer 2020 has seen the massive influx of players hoping onto this PC and mobile game, as the result of growing attention on it due to streamers on platforms like Twich.

The game is fun to play with a number of friends, or with strangers online (if you can see past the fact they accuse you of being 'sus' every time a body is found). For a free game, this multiplayer has a lot of playability - even after you rage quit for being killed in the first turn no less than eight times...

Whether you're completing tasks or being the imposter, there is always something rather enjoyable about this 2-D Sherlock murder mystery.

While a sequel to the game has just been cancelled, it isn't too big a disappointment, as InnerSloth has promised instead to work upon the current iteration of the game, no doubt providing us with countless more hours of entertainment as colourful space station workers (and occasionally monsters disguised as space station workers).

But whilst we wait for the next game update, can you complete this Among Us quiz?

1. Which Room Would You Swipe A Card In?


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