You'll Never Get 100% On This Batman: Arkham Asylum Quiz

You'll need your best detective skills to pass this one!

Batman Arkham Asylum PC
Rocksteady Studios

It's surprising that the world of comic-books hasn't found more success in the gaming sphere. Fans love the concept of donning a cape and fighting crime, which has led to some awesome titles, including Ultimate Alliance, Spider-Man, Injustice and - of course - the Batman Arkham series.

These games revolutionised the superhero video game world, as they proved the commercial/critical success such a venture could be capable of. Titles like Marvel's Avengers and the upcoming Suicide Squad exist because of Arkham's success.

Asylum was a brilliant way to start the franchise, as it delivered a pulse-pounding action title that also blended excellent storytelling, challenging puzzles and the iconic Predator Mode. Many players still look back on it as their favourite in the franchise, some thanks to nostalgia, and others for their love of the gothic setting and claustrophobic environment.

The title easily gave its consumers a tonne of facts and trivia, as it's absolutely jam-packed with information, lore and compelling plot points, making it a tonne of fun to look back on, and this quiz will take full advantage of that.

So, grab your gadgets, don your cowl and see if you and Batman have some common ground.

1. Who Provided The Voice For Harley Quinn?


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