You'll Never Get 100% On This Batman: Arkham Quiz!

Return to the Arkhamverse for a dark, moody, non-fatal face-puncher of a quiz.

Batman Arkham Collection
Warner Bros.

The Dark Knight has stalked the Arkhamverse, and Arkham's various incarnations, across a multitude of media for over a decade now - and it seems like there may be no better time to take a forensic look back at the world's greatest detective's exploits.

The story follows a gritty and dark Batman from before his first encounter with the Joker in Arkham Origins through to the Joker's final, last-last stand in Arkham Knight, suffering the complete rogues gallery of villains, anti-heroes and old friends from the pages of DC Comics. Believe it or not, Bruce Wayne has now donned the cowl and hit the streets of Gotham for a total of four main game titles, four handheld titles, one virtual reality game, two novels, nine comic tie-ins and a film.

While you may be a whizz for the in-game Easter eggs, missions, characters and curiosities, this quiz will test your knowledge of the entire extended universe of the Arkham franchise, from the secrets of the video games, to the villains of the novels, the composers of the music and some of the finer points of the animated feature film.

Even if you are the ultimate bat-freak, you will never get 100% on this Batman: Arkham quiz!

1. In Which Game Did Joker Threaten To Raze Gotham City With A Series Of Hidden Bombs?


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