YouTube App Now Available For PS Vita

Vita fans rejoice! The official YouTube app is now available for your handheld.

Vita fans rejoice, as Sony have announced that the official YouTube app is now available for your handheld. Just a small 5MB download is all it takes and the entire collection of the internet€™s weirdest and most wonderful videos will be available at your fingertips. The app contains all your usual YouTube features: you can sign into your account through the YouTube website through an onscreen prompt button. You can search videos check out recommendations, access your history and your favourites within the app you can also comment, like and even watch videos in 720p resolutions. The app has some really cool features too, like browsing for the next video whilst you€™re still watching your current selection and even adding a comment all without stopping the video. YouTube or just general video functionality is something the Vita has been lacking since release, I feel, so it's nice to see Sony releasing apps for the device that enable us to use it to its full extent. Overall, I think this is a step forward in the Vita's life and hopefully with a growing number of games being released and the continued support for social apps the Vita will become the pocket essential for all gamers. But what do you think, is YouTube the least of Sony's problems when it comes to the Vita? or like myself have you found yourself wanting more of these apps to come to your chosen handheld system. Let us know below.
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