Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - 11 Secrets & Locations You Must Find

You've beaten Ganon, now what?

legend of zelda

It goes without saying that Breath of the Wild is one of 2017's best games; a seamless mesh of exploration, progression and storytelling that deserves every bit of its 10/10 and 5 star ratings.

That said, thanks to being such a gigantic expanse of open-world possibility, the game actively doesn't signpost anything outside of the main questline. Side activities, secret locations, towers that unlock the map - you'll have to find everything yourself, though when the gameplay and feel of controlling Link is so natural and tranquil, it's a total joy.

This approach will only get you so far, though - unless you want to spend tens of hours roaming the land or tuning your Sheikah Slate to lock onto specific targets - hence the need for a few small pointers as to which parts of the world are worth checking out.

Don't worry, I'll keep spoilers to an absolute minimum - these places are best discovered yourself - but rest assured, there's way, way more to Breath of the Wild's expansive take on Hyrule than you might think.

Let me know in the comments which other awesome locations and secrets you've found!

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