ZELDA Creator Shigeru Miyamoto Working On Original Title

Legendary figure also says the news about his retirement was a 'misunderstanding'.

Shigeru Miyamoto the famed creator of Mario and Zelda has announced in an interview that he is working on a new original title. Right now Miyamoto is currently working on Luigi's Mansion 2 and Pikmin 3 for Wii U in addition to this new original title. Miyamoto stated:

"People have come to expect a lot from me. This certainly makes me feel some pressure, But if you ask me, 'Is it too much pressure to try to come out with something new? I have to say no, I'm enjoying myself. When I make something I always try to do my best."
Miyamoto also commented on making a photo-realistic graphical game:
"Each creator has his or her own field for which he or she is particularly good at. I'm not saying that I am particularly bad at making the very photo-realistic video games. But when it comes to the realistic games, you have to create something familiar. I personally want to make something really different."
He also went on to say that the "misunderstanding" surrounding his retirement; was just that, a misunderstanding and in his words: "I'm not old enough to think about retirement right now." I am actually really excited to see what new original project he has in the works; I am guessing it will most likely be designed specifically for the Wii U. You can hear the full interview below here; http://youtu.be/IHA9FS3D9vw


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