10 Greatest Ever Stone Roses Songs

The Stone Roses; sorting the Madchester band’s gold from the Fool’s Gold.


The Stone Roses should have been the biggest band in the world. They had the ambition and the talent. They certainly had the songs. On their 1989 self-titled debut album they fused a Byrdsian guitar jangle to fluid bass and intuitive drumming, welded that to an irresistible Mancunian swagger and alchemised the lot into something even greater than the sum of its parts. You felt ten feet tall just listening to it. The old guitar, bass, drums, vocals formula suddenly felt thrillingly new.

After that came a brilliant stand alone single(more on which later), before record company trouble, drug abuse and endless recording sessions for their second album killed all their momentum.

They returned in 1994 with an album that confused and underwhelmed. By that point bands like Blur and Oasis had followed in their wake and were seemingly delivering on the promise The Roses had squandered.

Soon drummer Reni quit, followed by guitarist John Squire. Singer Ian Brown and Bassist Mani struggled on but the band imploded after a notorious Reading Festival appearance.

With the group’s long, drawn out demise(and disappointing recent comeback singles) it’s easy to forget how utterly thrilling they could be. Here are ten reminders.


Chris Chopping is a writer, podcaster and stand up comedian. He’s 34 and still dreaming of a Diamond Dallas Page style later-life entry into the wrestling business. Eats too many carbs for that though. Follow him @MrChrisChopping on Twitter.