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10 Greatest Female Hard Rock Guitarists

No Longer A Boys Club...
By Tim Coffman

10 Mistakes Purposefully Left In Classic Rock Songs

Not sweating the small things.
By Tim Coffman

10 Greatest Metallica Riffs EVER

The twisted mind of Hetfield.
By Tim Coffman

10 Most Hated Grunge Albums Of All Time

Losing Goodwill One Riff at a Time.
By Tim Coffman

Queen Lyrics: How Well Do You Know Queen's Hits?

Will you make Freddie proud with your knowledge of these iconic songs?
By Darren Brierley

10 Masterpiece Albums Everyone Ignored

Returning The Love.
By Tim Coffman

10 Hard Rock Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

Essential heavy listening.
By Tim Coffman

10 Greatest Hard Rock Guitarists Of The '70s

The Rise of the Guitar Hero.
By Tim Coffman

10 Most Underrated Green Day Songs

Pop Punk's Outcasts.
By Tim Coffman

10 Best Classic Rock Guitarists Of The '70s

The original Guitar Heroes.
By Tim Coffman

10 Greatest Hair Metal Albums Of All Time

Metal in Pop Clothing.
By Tim Coffman

Mötley Crüe: Every Album Ranked Worst To Best

The Sleazy Sounds off of Sunset.
By Tim Coffman

10 Best Hard Rock Guitarists Of All Time

Masterminds behind rock's signature instrument.
By Tim Coffman

10 Greatest Posthumous Rock Songs

Death is not the end.
By Tim Coffman

10 Hard Rock Bands With KILLER Live Shows

Bringing chaos to the stage.
By Tim Coffman

10 Great Collaborations That Combined Different Genres

When musical worlds collide and create something better than expected...
By Matthew Macleod

10 Greatest Headbanging Metal Songs

Metal at its most forceful.
By Tim Coffman

WWE's Bayley Reveals Her Favourite Band

Want to know Bayley's taste in music? Look no further...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Bands That Ripped Off Themselves

Musical déjà vu.
By Tim Coffman

10 Iconic Rock Stars' Guitars

The legends' unique weapons of choice.
By Mark McStea

9 Geeky Musicians You’ve Never Heard Of

As fanatics of all things nerd, we really can't neglect the soundtrack.
By Liam Sell

10 Best Acoustic Metal Songs

Discarding the distortion.
By Tim Coffman

10 Ultimate Ska Anthems

Riding the three waves of ska.
By Stephanie Reeman

10 Worst Music Collaborations Of All Time

Music's Dreaded Combinations.
By Tim Coffman

10 Best Non-Rock Songs By Rock Artists

Rock's greatest sonic shifts.
By Tim Coffman

10 Rock Bands That Had More Than One Lead Singer

Two voices for the price of one.
By Tim Coffman

10 Best Hard Rock Drummers Of The '90s

Mad rhythms in the age of irony.
By Tim Coffman

10 Rock Albums That Were A Nightmare To Make

The Painful Side of Riffs.
By Tim Coffman

10 Most Underrated Eminem Songs

Will the real Slim classics please stand up?
By Tim Coffman

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Hate Five Finger Death Punch

Do you hate Five Finger Death Punch with a passion? Good. Now read this.
By Nick Dauk

10 Greatest Nu Metal Albums Of All Time

Crown jewels of rap-rock.
By Tim Coffman

20 Country Albums Every Rock Fan Should Listen To

When Rock Gets a Twang.
By Tim Coffman

10 Greatest Duets In Rock History

Rock's Greatest Vocal Trade-Offs.
By Tim Coffman

10 Songs You Know From The First SECOND

Those unmistakable intros.
By Tim Coffman

10 Biggest Album Flops In Rock History

Swing and a miss.
By Tim Coffman

10 Greatest Hard Rock Frontmen Of All Time

Hard Rock's True Wildmen.
By Tim Coffman

10 Greatest Hard Rock Anthems Ever

The songs you HAVE to sing when they come on.
By Tim Coffman

Eminem: EVERY Album Ranked Worst To Best

Which of Slim Shady's records is the best of the best?
By Aidan Whatman

10 Musician And Band Names With Dark Unusual Origins

From torture instruments to sex toys, musicians often draw inspiration from the strangest of…
By Alison Traynor

10 Most Heartbreaking Tragedies In Rock Music

Rock's Most Painful Wounds.
By Tim Coffman

8 Famous Songs That Are Actually Responses To Other Songs

By WhatCulture Music

8 Songs You're Not Supposed To Understand

By WhatCulture Music

10 Bands That Saved Their Career With One Album

Where the Resurrection Begins.…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Musicians Who Encouraged You To Steal Music

Wait, isn't piracy supposed to be bad?…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Music Videos That Could Be Horror Movies

The best horror movies without a John Carpenter soundtrack……
By WhatCulture Music

10 Happy Songs That Are Insanely Dark

By WhatCulture Music

7 Songs You Didn't Know Were Connected

From samples to covers, there are many songs that you don't know are linked.…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Hidden Details In Iron Maiden Tracks You Never Noticed

What did you miss in these numbers from The Beast?…
By WhatCulture Music

8 Classic Bands Who Only Had One Great Album

Capturing the magic once.…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Movies You Didn't Realise Inspired Songs

Young Frankenstein did more than make people laugh —it inspired a classic Aerosmith song!…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Musicians Whose Careers Were Destroyed By Just One Song

The lyrics that went too far, videos no one wanted to see, and flat-earth rapping...…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Rock Songs That Mean Absolutely Nothing

The Art of Gibberish.…
By WhatCulture Music

9 Living Musicians Who Literally Came Back After Death

Who needs a pulse to rock and roll?
By WhatCulture Music

10 Funniest Songs In Rock

When rockstars take the piss.…
By WhatCulture Music

12 Musicians You Didn't Realise Have Truly Bizarre Alter Egos

Did you know Snoop Dogg was once "Todd"...?…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Hard Rock Bands That Insulted Their Own Fans

Sometimes the bond between fans and bands isn't so sacred...…
By WhatCulture Music

Hated Songs By Bands We Love

Some songs are just terrible whether they're from your favourite band or not!
By WhatCulture Music

12 Controversial Songs That Were Stolen

By WhatCulture Music

8 Live Songs Better Than The Studio Recordings

From the record to the stage.…
By WhatCulture Music

What Is Your Favourite Album Of 2020 So Far?

There's plenty of outstanding albums that have been released in 2020 so far, we've got picks…
By WhatCulture Music

8 Musicians Who Hated Being Famous

Pink Floyd and the superstars who wished they weren't...…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Crazy Last-Minute Changes To Famous Music Videos

Sometimes, one decision can make all the difference.…
By WhatCulture Music

What Secret In Music Blew You Away?

Join Josh, Scott, Clery, Simon, Ash and Kirsten as they tell you about the secrets they learnt…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Disturbing Songs You Hear Then Never Forget

One listen is all you need.…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Songs Rock Bands Refuse To Play Live

"No stairway!?
By WhatCulture Music

What Is The Worst Cover Song Of All Time?

Cover songs more often than not are absolutely fantastic, but on occasion, they can be the…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Fascinating Studio Accidents That Made It Into Famous Songs

From forgetting the lyrics to sitting on an instrument...…
By WhatCulture Music

7 Hated Songs Much Better Than Their Reputations

The songs you love to hate.
By WhatCulture Music

Songs That Made You Cry

We've got picks from Scott, SImon, Dowse, Josh, Kirsten, Ash and Clery to give you an insight…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Hard Rock Bands That FIRED Members

Dave Mustaine might have Megadeth, but his Metallica past must sting...…
By WhatCulture Music