24 Problems Only Hairstylists Will Understand

14. Undressing After A Busy Day And Finding Hair In Your Underwear

Possibly the only profession this happens in - taking client's hair home in your bra or pants. Oh, the glamour.

13. When A Client Gets Overly Defensive When You Ask If They've Used A Box Colour

Don't lie, we know that cheap "Blonde and Sassy" (ahem, brassy) box colour anywhere; and now your colour correction is gonna cost you three times the price you paid for it. Bargain? Not so much.

12. When Friends Expect You To Do Their Hair For Free

You want me to stop by on my only day off, bring all my hairdressing tools and do your hair for free? Of course, that's exactly what we went to college for all along! We all have bills to pay, and hairdressers aren't any different.

11. When Your Friends Get Their Hair Done By Someone Other Than You And You're Like "What The Hell Did They Do To You?"

Seriously, going to a random hair stylist is like meeting up with "Mr Anonymous" from OKCupid. You'll have an interesting story to tell, but it's definitely not gonna end well.
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