6 Things To Be Excited For At Universal Orlando's Holidays Celebration 2019

Festive Harry Potter and Grinchmas, what's not to love about Christmas at Universal Orlando Resort?

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This weekend is set to be an almost chilly 56 degrees fahrenheit in Orlando (well chilly for Orlando). This makes it the absolute perfect time for Universal Orlando to kick off all their festive offerings.

As of 16th November guests at Universal Orlando will be able to experience all the magic of the Resort at Christmas. The huge Christmas tree that sits in the New York section of the park is the perfect backdrop to all the festivities. There's music, shows and parades, making it a perfect place for the whole family to get into the Christmas spirit.

In fact there's so much amazing things going on at Universal over the Holiday season, you're going to want to stay into the New Year to see it all.

Here's everything you need to know about all the Holidays at Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

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