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Cannes 2013: The Great Gatsby Review (Second Opinion)

By David Braga

Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby Trailer Is Online

This film marks the reunion of Luhrmann and DiCaprio, 16 years since their hugely successful…
By Owain Paciuszko

5 Reasons Why Shame Was Criminally Ignored At Oscars 2012

Despite the praise lauded upon McQueen’s film the Academy decided that it didn’t merit a…
By D.J. Haza

Producer Reveals Details on Princess Diana's Bodyguard Biopic

"Unless you are a Diana freak, quite a lot of it will be unknown to the audience. The movie’s…
By Matt Holmes

Drive Blu-Ray Review: Winding Refn's Indie Actioner Is An Explosive, Modern Classic

Nicolas Winding Refn's hipster indie-actioner arrives on blu-ray with an explosive punch.
By Simon Gallagher

Why DRIVE Is The Most Overrated Film Of 2011

In reality, it’s a self-obsessed, critic appropriate film without a good story: just a nice…
By Luke Stevenson

London Film Festival 2011 Review: SHAME

Deeply unsettling and blisteringly intense, Steve McQueen’s sophomore feature mines smart…
By Shaun Munro

NYFF 2011 SHAME Review: A Brutal, Emotionally Ravaging Look At Sex Addiction

Shame is vibrant, exciting, deeply moving filmmaking, real cinema to get lost in and ponder for…
By Mark Zhuravsky

DRIVE Review - Slick & Precise Car Crime Thriller Turns Grindhouse

It's only interesting when it's a Steve McQueen-like, very precisely told, quiet and…
By Matt Holmes

Venice 2011 Review: Steve McQueen's SHAME

Steve McQueen presents in Venice his second feature Shame, a journey into one man's sexual…
By Andrea Pasquettin