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10 Once Awesome Film Franchises That Now Suck

Whipping a dead horse until there's no horse left anymore.
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10 Reasons Bob Orci Directing Star Trek 3 Is The Dumbest Decision Ever

Putting a divisive writer and rookie director in charge for the 50th Anniversary? Really?
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10 Blockbuster Films Made More Interesting Thanks To Their Flaws

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12 3D Film Re-Releases That Must Happen

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10 Actors Who Turned Down 2013's Biggest Movies

If only they'd known.
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8 Ridiculous Coincidences That Made For Happy Movie Endings

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10 Incredibly Annoying Characters Who Almost Ruined 2013 Movies

"Whammy?" It was barely even funny the first time.
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10 Classic Movies Extended Only By Stupid Villain Decisions

The best way to extend any motion picture is to make your villain dumber than hell, apparently.
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10 Movies We're Embarrassed To Admit Got Us All Choked Up

It's all right, man. Let it out.
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8 Times Star Trek Actually Did Change The Laws Of Physics

"I cannae change the laws of physics, Cap'n!" Except when I can. Which is often...
By Shawn Jackson