Breaking Bad: 10 Times Walter White Made You Genuinely Root For Him

"Say my name..."


Few TV programmes in recent times have taken the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster when it comes to investing in characters quite like Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad.

In a show full of intriguing character arcs and development, few capture your attention like the main protagonist, Walter White.

On the surface, Walt is as bland as they come. Couped in an Elementary School teaching basic chemistry to kids who show little interest, there's little going for Walt in all honesty. That is, of course, until he ends up deeply involved in the world of multi-million-pound drug deals and proceeds to be party too, or indeed carry out, a number of despicable acts for his own benefit.

But for all his misdemeanours and questionable actions, the beauty of Walt and the genius of Bryan Cranston and the writers, is their ability to still make it feel like you should be rooting for him throughout the show.

It's what's contributed to a whole online fascination around if you are 'Team Walt' or 'Team Jesse' and has led to many a debate among the Breaking Bad community as to who you should back.

For all Walt's faults during Breaking Bad, he still manages to get you behind him on more than one occasion, starting with this satisfying 'up yours' to one particularly grating character...


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