Doctor Who: 10 Protagonists They Should Bring Back

10. Jago & Litefoot

Doctor Who Lightfoot

Okay, if your first reaction is who and who, then stop what you're doing, pick up a copy of the Fourth Doctor's 'The Talons Of Weng Chiang' and watch it. And don't read more of this page until you've done so. Good. Because from now, I'm assuming you have seen it. In case it's been a while, let me refresh your memory. Henry Gordon Jago was the owner of the Palace Theatre where the villainous Li'Hsen Chang performed, all while serving his master Magnus Greel, a terrible war criminal from 51st century Earth was kidnapping and cannibalising women to heal himself. Jago began working with the Doctor and Leela to uncover the mystery of these disappearances. George Litefoot was a Victorian pathologist, discovering the real nature of how Greel's victims died. He too, became a useful ally to the Doctor and Leela in stopping Greel. Great characters on their own, it was when Jago and Litefoot teamed up to track down Greel and help the Doctor, that their magic came alive. The writer of the story, Robert Holmes, was known for creating many memorable duos on screen...and Jago and Litefoot are the best. So much, that they now have an audio spin off series, solving paranormal mysteries in Victorian England. Think The X Files meets Sherlock Holmes with two 'British' gentlemen and their magnificent moustaches. In their new adventures they have crossed paths with the Fifth and Sixth Doctors too...surely now is their time to make a return on screen alongside Doctor Twelve? Giving their age (Talons Of Weng Chiang was broadcast in 1977) any return would see them much later in life, two old gentlemen in 1920's (or 30's) London. What about uncovering the curse of the Tomb of Tutankhamun uncovered in 1922? It would be interesting to see these 'detectives' at the end of some very long and interesting lives. And provide another great tie to Classic Who.
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