Friends Or Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Said It – Chandler Bing Or Jake Peralta?

The funniest two men of their respective tv sitcoms but was it Jake or Chandler who got the laugh?


Friends and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are two shows cut from the same cloth, yet two shows that are clearly so very different.

With its ten-season run, Friends became a powerhouse of TV. Viewed by a ludicrous amount of people across the globe, this is a series that pierced mainstream pop culture and rewarded its cast with contracts worth an insane amount of money – to the tune of $1 million per episode for the show’s final two seasons.

On the other hand, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is very much the little engine that could when it comes to modern-day great sitcoms. Having to fight off cancellation at times, B99 has had nowhere near the viewing figures or budget of Friends, yet those that watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine love Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Two key figures of their respective shows are Matthew Perry’s Chandler Bing and Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta. Both sarcastic, both with the propensity to say something stupid and/or inappropriate, Chandler and Peralta have been responsible for some of their series’ most memorable moments.

Think you can tell the difference between these two characters when it really counts? Here’s time to find out, as we’ve got quotes from each of this pair – you just have to identify who said what!

1. I Say More Dumb Things Before 9 A.M. Than Most People Say All Day.


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