Friends Quiz: Whose Nickname Is It – Rachel, Monica Or Phoebe?

Decipher whether each of these Friends monikers were given to Rachel, Monica or Phoebe.


Friends is the very definition of a powerhouse television series. Not only did the show become the most must-watch show on TV during its ten-season run, not only did the series and its characters pierce mainstream pop culture, but Friends still remains immensely popular to this very day – a massive 17 years since the show aired for the final time.

Here in 2021, there are still countless people forever rushing to watch the numerous Friends re-runs and blocked-out showings of the series that frequent TV stations and streaming services across the globe. It’s fair to say that no show in the history of television has continued to grow and grow its fan base with every passing year since it first aired – but that’s part of Friends’ legacy.

So beloved is Friends, it’s even more popular now than it was previously, with new eyes having flocked to the antics of Central Perk and beyond over the 17 years since the series concluded. While the charm and appeal of Friends lays in the brilliant writing and the phenomenal portrayal of the series’ core six characters, here it’s all about homing in on three particular favourites amongst the die-hard fans of Friends.

That trio is Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel, Courteney Cox’s Monica and Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe, and this quiz is designed to test whether you really are as huge of a Friends fan as you may claim to be.

Here, there’s a whole host of nicknames given to these three Friends characters – either by others or by themselves – and all you have to do is decipher whether each of these monikers and mantles were given to Rachel, Monica or Phoebe.

1. Rocky


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