Star Trek: 10 Worst Things Worf Has Ever Done

Star Trek's greatest monster, or just a deadbeat Dad? Let's tuck into this maniac's gagh

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One really has to hand it to Lt. Commander, or is that Ambassador, Worf. He got his start on Star Trek with some humble beginnings - outside of being the first Klingon to don the Starfleet uniform that is - and rose all the way to become a murderer, an insubordinate officer, a downright terrible father, and a constant thorn in the side of Starfleet-Klingon relations.

To put it mildly, before Worf, there may have been a reason for the Academy to give pause when it came to Klingon applicants. After Worf - there was definitely reason.

While Worf's achievements are many, they don't go all the way toward completely covering the sins of this father (yes, despite what he would have Raffi believe, he is a father). With his laugh bellowing through the hallways and corridors of the Enterprise, Deep Space Nine, La Sirena, and the Titan-A - this man's bloodlust knows no bounds, nor his thirst for mischief any quelling factor. 

With the most appearances in the franchise to date, who exactly is this Luciferian Merry Man, and when will he finally be stopped?

10. Maiming A Young Student

Star Trek The Next Generation Worf Laughing
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In Let He Who Is Without Sin (more on this episode in a moment) Worf confesses an incident from his youth to Jadzia. He recounts how, when playing football with other students in school, he and another boy went for the ball at the same time. Worf, larger and bulkier than his human counterpart, accidentally broke the boy's neck on impact.

This is easily one of the worst things that Worf was ever responsible for, however we hasten to add - it was entirely accidental. When Klingons and Humans come together, there is an immediate and obvious disparity in ability and size. Worf, the far sturdier of the two, was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The guilt from this accident stayed with him for much of his adult life, informing his decisions on how he engaged with others. It was not always a positive guide - Worf made many mistakes in his career - yet this awful moment in his life helped to guide him in his actions. It certainly qualifies as one of the worst things he's done, yet could arguably also find itself in a list of incidents with the best outcomes overall. 

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