10 UFC Stars Who Got Too Cocky

These lot were never lacking in the pride you can imagine the size of the fall...

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It doesn't take a genius to realise that bravado and self-assurance are two key components that any UFC fighter needs to keep themselves on top. Without them, a competitor would lack belief and leave themselves looking vulnerable.

In a world that leans so heavily on the ability to intimidate your rival, this confidence can very quickly evolve into something else entirely.


Stars become so wrapped up in the constant battle to get the upper hand, that they inevitably become warped by their own rhetoric and begin to exude a level of over-confidence that makes fans clamour to see them get eviscerated - which is always only a matter of time.

Be it with cocky flourishes inside the Octagon or sickeningly brash statements at a press-conference, the fighters signed to the UFC are never starved of platforms to make rods for their own backs.

Speaking of which, is there anything more entertaining than seeing a smarmy MMA entity get humbled in front of a paying audience?

If you don't think there is, then these ten will be right up your street...

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