10 Best Times Wrestlers Hit Their Finishers On The Fly

Out. Of. Nowhere.

Randy Orton Seth Rollins

Ask most professionals for advice on the subject and they'll advise picking a finishing move that works on wrestlers of all shapes and sizes. For example, was TNA's Petey Williams ever going to hit that spectacular Canadian Destroyer on Kevin Nash? Hardly, and that meant his finish was limited to guys his size or slightly bigger.

Pretty much none of the finishes on this list suffer from that problem.

That makes them amongst the most dynamic around, and it means those using them can concoct inventive spots that sell their "out of nowhere" capabilities. Yes, that phrase has been linked to one Randy Orton for the longest time now (even becoming an internet phenomenon), but it's not exclusive to his finisher.

All ten examples here happened when fans least expected them to. That suddenness gave each moment an explosive credibility; although some live longer in the memory than others, they're all here for the same sort of reason. They were hit on the fly, and they rocked because of it...


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