10 Biggest Surprises In WWE Elimination Chamber History

3. Cena Is Eliminated Early Doors

Edge Elimination Chamber World Heavyweight Championship

Earlier we touched upon John Cena’s impressive record of three wins from five appearances inside the Elimination Chamber. That’s all well and good but on the other side of the coin, one of those defeats actually arrived in record-setting time.

At No Way Out 2009, Cena walked into the Elimination Chamber match as the defending World Heavyweight Champion. Fortune seemed to be on his side, as he was the final man released from his pod but just a minute-and-a-half after entering the fray, he was heading back to the locker room.

An early flurry saw him take out Edge and Chris Jericho, only for the tide to turn soon after and having received a codebreaker from Jericho, a 619 from Rey Mysterio and a spear from Edge in quick succession, he was pinned and eliminated from the match.

This was something of a double whammy—a shock that the champion had been eliminated so soon, and an even bigger shock that that man had been the bulletproof Cena.


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