10 Classic WWE Matches (That Nobody Remembers As Classics)

The Secret History.


There is a certain 'A' tier of WWE matches almost universally recognised as classics among the fandom.

The WrestleMania X Ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon redefined the use of weaponry in the WWF, creating both seminal bout and a genre unto itself. The SummerSlam 1994 Steel Cage match between Bret and Owen Hart was a masterclass in mining emotive drama from an unbearably real dynamic. Bret and Steve Austin's WrestleMania 13 Submission match advanced everything: psychology; characterisation; ring style; violence. Michaels and the Undertaker's original Hell In A Cell bout has never been bettered for its subversion of traditional psychology in that Michaels, as a heel, was positioned as the Final Girl. CM Punk's WWE Title win over John Cena at Money In The Bank told a sublime, nuclear-heated story of Punk's escape from the company through his escape from Cena's entire repertoire.

Those were all awarded the full, once-rare ***** by the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer. Those that weren't are still held aloft; the twin classics contested by Michaels and 'Taker across WrestleManias 25 and XXVI; Eddie Guerrero's first WWE Championship win; the TLC car wrecks at their most insane.

These matches don't possess the same grandeur, emotion, stunts - but they quietly belong to that A- tier, at the very least.


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