10 Most Heart-Breaking WWE Moments Of The 2010s

Which wrestling moments from the last ten years brought tears to our eyes?


Wrestling - it makes us laugh, it makes us cry, but more often than not, it makes us question why we even watch it all.

Whilst a lot of moments in wrestling make us want to weep metaphorically, there are some moments that transcend the scripted nonsense of our favourite fake sport and make us reach for the tissues for real.

Over the past ten years we've seen injuries, retirements, and, sadly, a lot of deaths in the wrestling world. The following ten moments are among some of the saddest to take place since 2010 and some rank in the saddest of all time.

Some are sad in the context of kayfabe, whilst some are heartbreaking because of their real world impact. Whilst we have seen a lot of great performers pass away in the last ten years - Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, "Mean" Gene Okerlund - we've not included any deaths in the list, as that's a whole other topic for a whole other time.

Some of these installments do contain material some readers may find upsetting (particularly number one), please take the appropriate precautions before reading.

That being said, here is a very somber list of the ten most heart-breaking moments in WWE over the last ten years.


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