10 Things Triple H Will Immediately Do If Handed The Keys To WWE

10. Push the Cruiserweights


A fly on the wall in the corporate offices of WWE might hear frequent disagreements between Vince and Triple H when it comes to the Cruiserweight Division.

Most wrestling fans know that Vince is not a fan, and that Triple H is the driving force behind making the 205 Live brand sustainable. Why is there such a gap between the two sides? Vince is still stuck in a time where the big men ran wrestling and while Triple H graduated from that era, he's also seen the changing of the guard.

Triple H saw the potential in holding a Cruiserweight Tournament like the one that debuted on WWE Network in 2016. He was very hands on before Vince took 205 Live and nearly destroyed it with terrible gimmicks and similar storylines to those offered on the main roster. It's now back in the hands of Triple H, and finding a groove with the WWE Universe.

The wrestling ring will one day be owned by names like Ricochet, The Young Bucks, Adam Cole and others who do not boast the typical WWE size and look. Yet, these are the guys Triple H is pushing to work with or trying to turn into stars. There's no doubt Triple H understands the value in giving the guys who can work the spotlight to show their stuff.

That will likely be one of his first orders of business.

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