10 Things Triple H Will Immediately Do If Handed The Keys To WWE

9. Retire From In-Ring Competition


Perhaps not everyone will agree, but seeing Triple H lace up the boots every now and then is a treat. He's been part of the previous two year's most memorable moments, and his appearances at WrestleMania alone are often worth the price of admission. That said, there's only so much room in a person's schedule, and very few people can keep the hours Vince was known for keeping.

If given the responsibilities of running the day-to-day operations of WWE, including the tasks Vince now covers, one would have to assume Triple H would step back from in-ring competition and focus on everything that comes with ensuring the success of others. The father of three girls, he’s also seen as a father figure to some of the new faces in WWE, and it would be an unwise decision to jeopardize that relationship with his WWE recruits by stealing spots from them just to be on the card.

There will be members of the WWE Universe who won't buy into the idea Triple H would hang up his boots. Their argument being he's got too large an ego and makes too much money to simply walk away. But, if you consider he's never once wrestled in NXT — a promotion for which he could easily book himself into every major storyline — and that he's rarely on television these days, the decision may not be as far-fetched as some would try to make you believe.

The money won't be an issue, as his new salary and new job title would more than make up for it.

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