10 Things Triple H Will Immediately Do If Handed The Keys To WWE

8. Send Those Deserving To The Back Of The Line


If an argument can be made for how much Vince has lost touch with his audience, most fans will point to the constant pushes of wrestlers like Roman Reigns.

For years, Vince has sold the mantra, ‘the WWE Universe will tell us what's popular’, yet despite fan outrage and the non-acceptance of Vince’s chosen few, the chairman seems to do what he wants. He hand-gifts opportunity after opportunity to his favorites, chooses to ignore the fans, and frequently tests the intelligence of his fanbase by selling a phrase like "Well, he's getting a reaction".

Perhaps the grass isn't greener in a Triple-H-run WWE, but there are signs he has the stones to right a wrong. Bo Dallas was pushed as a babyface in NXT and flopped until Triple H repackaged him and he became the promotion's heel champion. Leo Kruger couldn't get over until he became Adam Rose, and Bayley struggled until she found her niche as the brand's designated "Hugger". Under The Game's watchful eye, those that can't get over will go to the back of the line and those that find their voice - and are accepted by the WWE Universe - will get the spotlight.

Triple H is also living proof a talent can get over again after starting from the bottom. When he was the scapegoat for the infamous "Curtain Call" incident, he lost his push only to work his way back up and become one of the biggest stars in the business.

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