10 Things We Learned From Sasha Banks On Stone Cold's Podcast

How a legit fan became the Legit Boss...

Sasha Banks

Listen to Steve Austin's conversation with Sasha Banks on the legend's latest podcast and you'll be left in no doubt that Stone Cold is a big fan of the Legit Boss. Austin doesn't hide that throughout the interview, and even gushes with praise for Sasha's match with Bayley back at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn in 2015. To a lifelong fan like Banks, that must be cool.

Growing up in Fairfield, California, Sasha became a huge fan of Austin, Eddie Guerrero, The Undertaker and others. To her credit, the 25-year old doesn't like to pretend she's not blown away by appearing on Austin's podcast or being named one of the best female wrestlers in WWE by her childhood hero. This clear friendship between both gave their chat a nice, relaxed atmosphere.

Sasha's journey to the top was a long one, and it started years before she was learning to bump or thought about contacting WWE for a tryout. At first, Banks was also willing to put her own dreams on ice to look after her brother. She's even thought about what she'd like to do after retiring from the ring...

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