10 Times WWE Narrowly Avoided Disaster

In which Vince McMahon is saved from himself.

Vince McMahon

WWE is botch-proof in 2021.

To put into perspective just how botch-proof WWE is, perhaps a more accurate way of putting it is "WWE is so rich and the key television marketplace so desperate that they can f*ck up every last merch-selling babyface and make them look like infant-weak geeks, and they'd still come up sucking a pair of t*ts in a barrel of thumbs".

The age of rights fees has allowed the company to make the exact sort of mistakes that have nuked other wrestling promotions over the years and receive unprecedented financial reward for being absolutely f*cking useless. The mistakes WWE narrowly avoided in the past - as you'll read about here - could be repeated, and nowt would matter. Vince McMahon could bury an entire, ready-made generation of over talent tomorrow, and WWE will still be here. This isn't hyperbole; the mad lad did it two days a week between 2015 and 2021.

In even better news for the promotion, the "morally conscious" mainstream doesn't care about it, which in turn allows Vince to portray certain ethnic talents as punchlines and portray woman as whopper-t*tted airheads who don't give a sh*t about anything but an airbrush.

This is a multi-part story, in effect, of how WWE avoids getting in its own diabolical way...


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