10 Under-Appreciated WWE September PPV Matches

2. Cena Vs. Orton (Breaking Point 2009)

AJ Styles Dean Ambrose Backlash

WWE fans can be cross about many things. One is John Cena and Randy Orton's endless on-and-off feuding, which reached a fever pitch in 2009 when the two hot-potatoed the WWE Championship for months. Another is WWE taking previously brutal, violent, hardcore stipulations, and attempting to make them palatable in the PG era. However, despite both of those things being combined at Breaking Point 2009, Cena and Orton's I Quit match managed to be quite the gem.

Framing Orton as the brutal, remorseless heel and Cena as the tenacious, undying face, this match was a supreme example of WWE forgoing an in-ring clinic and opting for story-based spectacle, and such a decision working to their benefit. The entire match saw Orton brutally attack Cena, trying to systematically destroy him and force him to surrender, but Cena, as is cliche, would never give up. It's an incredibly basic story, but Cena and Orton are such great performers, they were able to play their roles to perfection.

Cena of course would end up getting the upper hand on Orton, putting him in handcuffs and forcing the Viper to submit to the STF. It's a simple, elegantly-told story of good triumphing over evil, and is a definite highlight of Breaking Point.


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