10 Vince McMahon WWE Creations Triple H Must Destroy

8. A Momentum-less NXT System

Triple H Sledgehammer

Under Hunter's watch, NXT harnessed the best of independent pro wrestling and married that with superior WWE production to produce must-see TakeOver specials. People tuning in for those knew they'd see typical WWE sheen and unbelievable in-ring action. It was an exciting time.

Then, McMahon abolished the brand's purpose by turning it into NXT 2.0. Interest dwindled for a reason; nobody's suggesting that WWE prepping workers for the big time is a bad thing, but NXT went from essential alternative to Raw/SmackDown-lite in a hurry, and it's been dying a slow death ever since.

The good news? Triple H and Shawn Michaels want to restore it to former glory.

To do so, they'll need to arrest the momentum-less system Vince created. Simply changing the logo and aesthetic of the show won't work. Fans will expect stunning matches and more cohesion between events on NXT and what happens when wrestlers from it move up to the "main roster".

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