10 Wildest Spots In The History Of The WWE Money In The Bank Match

A countdown of the best moments from the ladder match's near-fifteen year history.


Money In The Bank 2019 is mere days away. Hooray! A chance to see our favourite wrestlers win the coveted briefcase, then fail to cash in and be relegated to an even lower position in the card than they already were. Hooray!

Cynicism aside, Money In The Bank is actually a very exciting time of year, if not for the storylines, but for the titular match.

Since its debut in 2005, the Money In The Bank ladder match has taken place a whopping 22 times, moving from an annual staple at WrestleMania to its own pay-per-view special attraction. There was also that one Money In The Bank match that took place on SmackDown, but that was a whole thing with James Ellsworth that we don't have time to get into now.

Across its nearly 15-year existence, the Money In The Bank match has given fans plenty of memorable moments, as you would expect from a multi-man ladder-fest.

From high-flying feats to hardcore madness to things that no ladder should ever have to witness, the match has hosted some amazing spots over the years - way more than ten. However, this is a list article and it's the law that there are ten entries, so we've done our best to whittle the countless jaw-dropping moments down to the absolute best of the best.

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