10 Wrestlers That Bled The Hard Way

Cutting Remarks.


There was something tragically poetic about Bill Goldberg's blood spilling out all over the canvas during the catastrophic conclusion to his Super ShowDown main event, not least because the sweat p*ssing from his chrome dome in that three-figure temperature almost definitely made it look worse.

Life was literally draining from Goldberg's head just as it emptied from the hearts of the remaining Undertaker fans, suffering through another example of 'The Deadman's inability to find something from his past prime to be repurposed for the present. Like much about the contest's closing moments, it wasn't meant to happen - but blood never is now.

The recency bias of this particular list is unintentional, but it speaks to how powerful the sight of a spot of claret has become in an era that's attempted to do away with it. Red used to equal green in wrestling, but like many of the industry's old traditions, WWE have done away with the blade to appease their sponsors.

But views on it remain mixed elsewhere. Ahead of his match with brother Dustin Rhodes at AEW's Double Or Nothing, Cody spoke of wanting to do away with The Attitude Era philosophies, then had his sibling p*ss the platelets as they all used to in the heat of a Monday Night Wars. It'll hopefully not trigger a return of intentional juicing on the other side, not least when the accidental cuts are horrific enough...

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