10 Wrestlers Who Refused Huge Matches

8. Shawn Michaels Doesn't Want None

AJ Styles Triple H

For the longest time, it seemed as though Shawn Michaels was set to be the one and only star ever to stay completely true to his word when it came to announcing his official in-ring retirement post-'Mania XXVI.

However, few could've blamed the 'Heartbreak Kid' for rethinking this decision the moment AJ Styles set foot in WWE in 2016. The outstanding pair had never once shared a ring together and the prospect of seeing a still physically capable HBK come back for "one more match" against Styles seemed to be too big an opportunity to pass up on.

But pass up on it he did. Speaking to WWE Now in August 2019, Styles admitted that he "asked Shawn and he said 'no'." However, the former TNA man admitted that he understood where the icon was coming from as he himself would like to stay retired once he calls time on his in-ring career.

Perhaps most frustratingly, though, HBK would actually return to action a year before this WWE Now conversation, battling The Brothers of Destruction alongside Triple H in a car crash of a match at Crown Jewel. If only he'd gone with the Phenomenal option instead...


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