10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (June 21)

"I felt like sh*t about that interview and I think about it every single day".

shane mcmahon miz dad

We're still waiting on that big grudge match between Shane McMahon and George Mizanin to take place on pay-per-view, probably in Saudi Arabia. We jest, of course, but it was a strange sight to see The Miz's dad ball up his fists at WrestleMania 35. Even stranger, the guy became an internet meme because of it, and Shane continues to call him a "baked potato" on TV.

In this week's article, there's a funny story about how George reacted to his overnight fame. The guy has some sense of humour, let's just say that.

Other facts included look at KENTA's failed WWE run, Kofi Kingston making yet more history, Edge dressing up as one-off tag partners to try and crack them, which former employee Vince McMahon thought was dead and why Kurt Angle was p*ssed off at King Of The Ring 2001. There's more too, with other facts and stories on Jon Moxley, Mick Foley and Maryse.

Plus, learn why Eric Bischoff thought he might get shot backstage at a WCW pay-per-view. Don't dare mess with the 'No Limit Soldiers'...


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