10 WWE Moments That Made You Extremely Uncomfortable

4. Randy Orton Says Eddie Guerrero Is 'In Hell'

When Eddie Guerrero suddenly and tragically passed away at the age of 38 on November 13th 2005, WWE decided to scrap that night's storylines and stage two tribute shows in his honour. Classy affairs, the shows did a good job of highlighting what Eddie Guerrero meant to his co-workers, the fans and WWE in general. Of course it didn't take long for WWE to use Eddie Guerrero's death for the purposes of their storylines. Using Eddie Guerrero's lowrider to wipe out The Undertaker was bad, but Randy Orton took it to the next level when he told Rey Mysterio that Eddie Guerrero wasn't in heaven but was, in fact, in hell. Given Eddie's born-again Christianity and the importance he placed on his faith, it's very doubtful that he would have been OK with his name being used in this way. Mysterio, as one of Guerrero's closest friends, can't have been too happy either. And then there's Chris Benoit, who was reportedly very upset over WWE's continued Eddiesploitation (but couldn't really say anything about it). And what about Eddie's wife Vickie Guerrero? It was the cheapest of cheap heat and it simply wasn't needed or wanted. Mick Foley, in a blog post on WWE.com, had this to say about Orton's WWE-scripted comments:
did not honor his legacy, it exploited his death. I hope it will end, and the sooner the better. For by exploiting his death we achieve what I thought wouldn€™t be possible: We cheapen his life.
Well said, Mick.

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