10 WWE Moments We Wish We Could Unsee

7. Roman Reigns Channels Sylvester The Cat

Edge Lita Live Sex Celebration

Nowadays, Roman Reigns is a made man. He has a degree of creative control over his character which he wields well, and his heel persona has seen him doing the finest work of his life. While you still wouldn’t peg him as a promo guy necessarily, he’s come on leaps and bounds in that regard and has gone toe to toe with the likes of Edge and John Cena this year.

Really, though, he didn’t have a high bar to clear. The nadir of WWE’s mismanagement of the great Roman Reigns push came in 2015 when he interrupted a Seth Rollins segment with the mic in his hand, ready to give his former Shield brother the verbal beatdown he so richly deserved.

Instead, Reigns seized the opportunity to label Rollins "a sniveling little suckup sellout full of sufferin' succotash", before winking at the camera. No one in the ring knew quite how to take it - here’s the company’s top babyface invoking the spirit of a cartoon cat and utilising excessive alliteration to belittle his opponent. It drops like a Looney Tunes anvil, and Reigns resorts to physical violence as the crowd goes mild.

It’s not Roman’s fault, of course - this is one of many examples of WWE’s tightly scripted promos falling flat - but it takes a stern constitution to watch this without cringing yourself inside out.

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