16 Things You Probably Missed From AEW Dynamite (Dec 4)

Cody ripping on NXT? Chris Jericho mentioning AJ Styles? Sammy Guevara referencing Ricochet?

If you like satanic gimmicks, then AEW Dynamite is your jam.

Seriously, between Dark Order's grisly vignettes, Brandi Rhodes going all American Horror Story: Apocalypse with her promos and The Butcher/Blade/Bunny trio running around, Dynamite is starting to turn into Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. That's not a knock, just an observation.

This week's show featured 16 things you might've missed, and it was a real cavalcade of WWE references. Some used finishing moves you're more likely to see on Raw as near fall spots, others dissed the in-ring work of NXT favourites on USA Network, and 'Le Champion' himself may just have snuck in a mention for his old tag-team partner on 'the other product' back in 2016. He did that one with style(s).

Chris Jericho also found time to update a prior gimmick (using some odd wording in the process), and AEW proved their dedication to recent history is strong. No company on the planet today recognises recent storyline events as well as All Elite.

Here's every hidden gem you probably missed from another ratings-hungry Wednesday night...


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