4 Ups & 3 Downs From WWE Chronicle: Samoa Joe

So, why isn't this kind of character development on SmackDown every week?

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Don't believe some negativity spewing across social media about SummerSlam. Sure, the show had its problems, but the WWE Title match finishing by disqualification wasn't one of them. Samoa Joe looked like the complete sh*tty heel by pushing AJ Styles too far, and there's the lure of another match at Hell in a Cell to look forward to.

Before then, WWE might want to give Joe a live mic, tell him there's no script and just let him speak from the heart about what it'd mean to become champion. Anyone who watched the latest documentary on the Network will know why. Joe, more so than most of his peers on the current roster, bosses a promo.

Chronicle, which claims to follow his journey from WrestleMania heartbreak to SummerSlam pride, does a fairly poor job bossing anything other than how to splice hype packages.

Harsh? Maybe, though it's more of a mixed bag than the show's Shinsuke Nakamura-inspired debut this past April. That's not Joe's fault. He was caught in the crossfire of directors who weren't sure whether they were producing a behind-the-scenes take or a TV hype piece.

It's still worth watching to make your own mind up, but be warned that, at times, Joe's Chronicle isn't what was teased in trailers...

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