5 Ups & 6 Downs From WWE Raw (July 4)

WWE's comedy stinks; Becky Lynch sets up SummerSlam; Raw's roster eats hot dogs.

Becky Lynch

Behold the face of a woman who's right back on track.

Becky Lynch has been booked to throw temper tantrums like this is 2002 and her name is Christian lately, but she scored a huge win on Monday's episode of Raw. That, being honest, was one of the only real highlights of a show that WWE's creative team blatantly phoned in post-MITB.

WWE tends to enjoy hiding behind holidays/real-life celebrations, and the ongoing July 4th shenanigans gave them another excuse here. Rather predictably, the comedy (if one could call it such) that happened in multiple backstage skits and out there in the ring ended up stinking the place out.

Credit where credit is due though, because two men defied the fact they were fighting over ketchup to have a fine match - there were other in-ring treats that showed just how good this roster is at making up for sh*tty booking when they're in the mood too.

Was this week's flagship an essential watch? No, it really wasn't, but there were some choice moments in amongst all the hot dogs, barf and cosplaying.

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