6 Ups And 4 Downs From WWE NXT 2.0 (Oct 19)

Who spun the wheel and made the deal a week out from NXT Halloween Havoc?

Ciampa Breakker

We're now just seven days away from the spookiest night of the year in the land of NXT 2.0; that being the time when WWE decides to let a wheel decide match types and allows stars to cosplay as Vince McMahon... *checks notes* sorry, I meant, Frankenstein's monster...

But before we lined up for the in-ring Haunted House that is Halloween Havoc 2021, there was just the small matter of filling out the rest of a PPV-worthy mid-week card and paying off a few sleeper hit feuds to ride through. One week on from being caught off-guard by an unexpected cash-in, the new North American Champion was met by an NXT OG challenger... and a creepy son-in-law to boot. Heavy hitting Women's Championship bouts were bolstered by a typically slick video package. And one star in particular simply wasn't up for the Chase.

Proving to be as lopsided as ever, however, 2.0 still came equipped with its usual missteps, notably Joe Gacy connecting with Harland via his trademark reliance on "woke" buzzwords and a former NXT Championship contender bonding over some wood... in some woods.

But at least next week promises to bring with it a TakeOver-esque stack of frightening fun. Until then, though, let's all just admire Bron Breakker ramming fools into the mat with reckless abandon.

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