8 Current WWE Stars Who (Probably) Won't Re-Sign Their Contracts

7. Kane


While Kane doesn't seem to care publicly, privately, it has to concern Glen Jacobs a bit that he's being called out for his involvement in WWE while trying to run for Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee. In response to the criticism he faced for showing up to wrestle with Daniel Bryan, Kane said, "if he's Mayor, he'll be Mayor" which has to mean his focus will be largely away from WWE. As he gets closer to the election, he might be better served to stay away from the sports entertainment brand.

This is all an aside from the fact Kane no longer needs to be a WWE Superstar for financial reasons. A shrewd, intelligent man, the seasoned Kane has earned a lot throughout his career, and by all accounts has not squandered it, choosing instead to wisely invest ahead of his eventual - and imminent - retirement.

Kane had a great career that lasted far longer than anyone might have expected. He may simply choose to walk away when his contract comes due. At best, he'll be a per-appearance type star as he removes himself from the industry.

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