8 Easy Ways To Be A Better Wrestling Fan

7. Respect The Skills Behind All Wrestling Styles

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Professional wrestling has more styles and interpretations than the typical combat sport. This is a huge benefit to keep things interesting during a three or four-hour pay-per-view. Though in reality, style preferences often serve as further tools to divide the fandom leading to a strangely clannish mindset.

For example, fans of hardcore wrestling will lament the squishiness of high flyers, but face criticism from fans of good old technical wrestling that weapon-based wrestling is crude, akin to Hollywood stunt work without the catering truck.

We all know the insults and put downs aimed at "flippy sh*t" and "spot monkeys", but it is in nobody's best interest that performers are cajoled and moulded to satisfy a limited allotment of wrestling styles. Pro-wrestling is nothing if not unpredictable.

From the previous styles to brawling, catch, submission, Lucha Libre and any other variation, every wrestling style requires immense dedication to perfect. Each style has its own proficiencies that add to the overall uniqueness and the inherent binge-ability of professional wrestling combat.

It is crucial to respect sports entertainment as a whole, despite personal preferences we can all agree that everybody who steps in the squared circle for our entertainment deserves at least a basic appreciation.

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