8 Times WWE Purposefully Sabotaged Other Companies

2. Launching Royal Rumble Opposite The Bunkhouse Stampede

Hulk Hogan Andre The Giant

A few months later, Vinnie Mac was up to his old tricks again.

When the NWA tried to regroup and muscle in on the pay-per-view market with 1988's Bunkhouse Stampede, the WWF decided to debut their new Royal Rumble show on the USA Network. This, once more, demolished the competition. Fans could pay to watch the Stampede, or they could see a 20-man Rumble and stars like Hulk Hogan for free.

It was a no-brainer for most, and the Rumble '88 smashed the NWA for the second time that winter. McMahon's new show, just like Survivor Series, went on to become an annual tradition, whereas the NWA's Bunkhouse Stampede was a one off that only exists as a curious extra on the WWE Network today.

Later, the NWA gave McMahon some of his own medicine by promoting Clash Of The Champions on TBS opposite WrestleMania IV. Although the show did chip away at the WWF's profits for the evening, it didn't quite ruin their momentum.


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