8 Ways Wrestlers Secretly Proved They Were The GOAT

Masterfully fooling you into thinking they were 100%, and other times wrestlers did GOAT stuff.

Bryan Danielson

Wrestling is entirely subjective.

What you may utterly adore, another fan may think is the absolute drizzles.

But what everyone can likely agree on is that the following ridiculously gifted souls are all up there as some of the business' true out-and-out GOATs.

However, what truly separates this lot from the rest of the pack isn't just the fact they put on some of the most majestic in-ring performances of all time or consistently blew folks away with their spectacular mic work.

It's the way this collection of wrestling greats all secretly managed to look after their colleagues when things went horrifically wrong, convince you that they were actually very much fully fit, and produce some of the finest matches in modern times almost entirely on the fly that cements them all as undisputed masters of their craft.

You were no doubt completely unaware of the following subtle and masterful things everyone from 'The American Dragon' to 'The Heartbreak Kid' did to create wrestling magic on the night.

Once you learn of exactly how quickly certain stars crafted instant classics, how brilliant heels sneakily aided their rivals, and just how banged up certain wrestling legends were during some of their best-ever work, though, you'll never be able to unsee the genius ways these names all confirmed their undeniable GOAT status.

8. The Undertaker And Terry Funk Secretly Buy Mick Foley Some Time After That HIAC Fall

Bryan Danielson

As Mick Foley lay completely broken on the mat in the wake of being unexpectedly dumped through the top of Hell in a Cell back at King of the Ring 1998, The Undertaker, Terry Funk, and the rest of the WWE officials who rushed out to check on the Mankind star were all likely fearing the worst.

And while the hardcore legend would eventually - and rather unbelievably - get back to his feet and finish the rest of the hellacious contest in the end, in the immediate aftermath of the dreadful fall the folks taking in the shocking scene in the ring realised they needed to improvise so Foley could be checked on.

As Foley would eventually note in his Mick Foley's Greatest Hits & Misses: A Life in Wrestling DVD (via IMDb), 'Taker and Funk deciding to suddenly get into it was an entirely off-script occurrence.

The two GOATs of the business knew they needed to buy their battered pal some time and try to keep the audience from realising things hadn't gone to plan. So, up Funk went for the mother of all chokeslams, with the pair of sneakers left behind by this painful piece of improv being one of the first things Foley actually remembers seeing post-fall.

It may have only been a few additional seconds these legends bought by adding in another unplanned bump on the spot, but it was just enough time for Foley to regain his bearings before he opted to crazily continue wrestling for a further ten minutes!

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