8 Wrestlers Who Had A Blood Feud With Shawn Michaels

Possibly the most polarising man in the history of professional wrestling...

The Rock Shawn Michaels

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone in the wrestling business who would contest the fact that based on his performances inside the ring, Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots. Outside of the squared circle though, the Heartbreak Kid's reputation is decidedly less popular.

During the peak of his powers in the mid-1990s, Michaels had positioned himself as Vince's golden boy thanks to both his considerable charisma and wrestling prowess. However, despite his status within the company, Michaels had become vehemently despised by a number of talents behind the scenes for his incessant politicking and drug-fuelled antics.

After suffering what was ostensibly a career-ending injury, Michaels stepped away from in-ring competition for nearly four years undergoing a real-life face turn during his hiatus by becoming a born-again Christian and overcoming his drug addiction.

While the next eight years would see Michaels atone for many of his sins from the previous decade, on occasion the HBK that had become such a divisive figure reared its ugly head once more.

Michaels' notorious exploits did not go unchallenged during his storied career, leaving him on the wrong side of many a fellow performer over the years.

8. Jim Cornette

The Rock Shawn Michaels

As one of the most outspoken characters in the history of professional wrestling, it's probably no surprise that Jim Cornette has made his opinions known on HBK's antics during his politicking peak.

The legendary manager has regularly stated his dislike of the Kliq using their backstage influence to further their careers during the height of their power. Cornette also once embarked on one of his legendary trademark rants about how Michaels' drug addiction during the '90s led him to be completely insufferable to all but his closest friends backstage including Jose Lothario, the man who served as Shawn's first trainer in the wrestling business.

Despite his candid nature, Cornette is always quick to assert that his comments about Shawn Michaels as a person are completely divorced from his views on him as a performer, and that he acknowledges HBK's ability to put on great matches.


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